Crossword Answer ADAPT

ADAPT - is a crossword puzzle answer. We found for you 44 different crossword puzzles that contains ADAPT answer. The list below order by crosswords date.

ADAPTChange to meet the circumstances
ADAPTAdjust to the environment
ADAPTAdjust to new conditions
ADAPTGet used to new circumstances
ADAPTChange as needed
ADAPTModify for a different medium
ADAPTChange with the times
ADAPTTo adjust to new conditions
ADAPTRoll with the punches
ADAPTAdjust to change
ADAPTGo with the flow
ADAPTAdjust to changes
ADAPTGet used (to)
ADAPTAdjust to a new environment
ADAPTFight extinction
ADAPTShow flexibility
ADAPTLearn to adjust
ADAPTChange as necessary
ADAPTFix to suit
ADAPTLearn to fit in
ADAPTChange as needed to fit in
ADAPTModify for a movie, say
ADAPTMake suitable
ADAPTAdjust as necessary
ADAPTAdjust for repurposing
ADAPTBe flexible when facing a new situation
ADAPTTurn a comic book into a movie, for example
ADAPTChange according to the situation, say
ADAPTBecome acclimatized, e.g.
ADAPTAdjust to something new
ADAPTChange according to the situation
ADAPTChange with the situation
ADAPTTurn from a book into a movie, maybe
ADAPTMake a movie out of a book, game, or toy franchise
ADAPTMake do
ADAPTGet with the times
ADAPTTurn Push into Precious, for example
ADAPTTurn a comic book into a movie, say
ADAPTDie alternative, per a "Moneyball" line
ADAPTChange mediums, say