"Kia ___!" (greeting Down Under), 3 letters

Here you will find the answer to the "Kia ___!" (greeting Down Under) crossword clue with 3 letters that was last seen September 2 2022. The list below contains all the answers and solutions for ""Kia ___!" (greeting Down Under)" from the crosswords and other puzzles, sorted by rating.

100%ORA3"Kia ___!" (greeting Down Under)
60%PRIDE5"Happy ___!" (June greeting)
60%HAO3"Ni ___!" (Mandarin greeting)
57%MEN3___ at Work ("Down Under" band)
56%BACK4"Welcome ___!" (greeting for someone who has returned)
54%MATEY5"Ahoy, ___!" (pirate greeting)
52%FRONT5"Down in ___!" (moviegoer's cry)
52%ANO3"Feliz ___ nuevo!" (NYE greeting, perhaps)
52%HATCH5"Down the ___!" ("Bottoms up!")
51%GDAY4Down Under greeting
51%EMEET5"Nice to ___ you!" (Zoom greeting)
50%CALM4"___ down!" ("Chill out!")
50%EID3"___ Mubarak" (holiday greeting)
50%SERA4"Buona ___" (Italian greeting)
50%BIRTHDAY8"Happy ___" (annual greeting)
49%ASIDE5"Step ___!" ("Move")
49%MIA3"Mamma ___!" (1999 musical premiere)
49%RULE4"I ___!" (shout of exultation)
49%MIA3"Mamma ___!" (Meryl Streep movie)
49%RISE4"All ___!" (court order?)
49%ROUGE5"Moulin ___!" (Nicole Kidman movie)
48%WHOA4"___, Nellie!" ("Slow down there!")
48%EID3"___ Mubarak" (holiday greeting in Islam)
48%AMO3"Te ___!" (Spanish confession)
48%EASE4"At ___!" (military command)
48%RISE4"All ___!" (courtroom instruction)
48%ELSE4"Or ___!" (threatening words)
48%AROOM5"Get ___!" (PDA reaction)
48%EASE4"At ___!" (military order)
48%HAVOC5"Wreak ___!" (cause damage)

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