"Little Girls" musical, 5 letters

Here you will find the answer to the "Little Girls" musical crossword clue with 5 letters that was last seen May 7 2023. The list below contains all the answers and solutions for ""Little Girls" musical" from the crosswords and other puzzles, sorted by rating.

100%ANNIE5"Little Girls" musical
67%MISSIES7Little girls
66%MIX3Little ___, "Sweet Melody" girl group
65%DARLA5Girl in "The Little Rascals" or "Finding Nemo"
59%MINX4Cheeky, naughty little girl
58%EVA3Little ___ (singer portrayed in the musical "Beautiful")
58%NINA4"Little Girl Blue" singer ___ Simone
57%DOLL4A toy beloved by little girls
56%IMONFIRE81985 Springsteen hit that begins "Hey, little girl, is your daddy home?"
54%SHECANTTHROWGOOWITHIT21Why the little girl dislikes her fork?
52%BOBDYLAN8Girl from the North Country musical uses his music
52%LULU4Comics girl, Little ___
51%HER3"That girl"
51%LULU4"Little" comics girl whose name rhymes with 79 Across
50%EVITA5"Buenos Aires" musical
50%LFO3"Summer Girls" group
50%LFO3"Summer Girls" band
50%AQUA4"Barbie Girl" band
50%HAIM4"Summer Girl" band
49%HORRORS7Alan Menken musical, Little Shop of __
48%FEY3"Mean Girls" actress Tina
48%BEA3"Golden Girls" actress Arthur
48%MAE3"Good Girls" actress Whitman
48%ELG3"Les Girls" actress Taina
48%SOO3"Shining Girls" actress Phillipa
48%MAE3"Good Girls" star Whitman
48%TINA4"Mean Girls" writer Fey
48%LOHAN5"Mean Girls" actress Lindsay
48%CHIC4"Le Freak" musical group
48%FLYNN5"Gone Girl" author Gillian

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