#5 in continuous Senate longevity, 10 letters

Here you will find the answer to the #5 in continuous Senate longevity crossword clue with 10 letters that was last seen December 2 2023. The list below contains all the answers and solutions for "#5 in continuous Senate longevity" from the crosswords and other puzzles, sorted by rating.

100%TEDKENNEDY10#5 in continuous Senate longevity
56%YALE4#5 law school in longevity
35%AVA3#5 baby girl name in 2021
35%UNO35-Down, in Spanish
33%TOGA4Attire in the ancient Roman Senate
33%LATOYA6Jackson not in the Jackson 5
32%NAYS4Votes against in the Senate
32%COMES5With 5-Across, originates in
32%TAUGHT6Worked in 5-Across, say
32%ONER4Long, continuous shot, in film lingo
31%XXX3"Where?" in the Roman senate
31%NAYS4One side in a Senate vote
31%ONER4A long, continuous take, in film lingo
31%ALA3Loser to Barack Obama in a 2004 Senate race
31%SCENE36Final part of Act 5 in "Romeo and Juliet"
30%TATAR5Language spoken by 5+ million people in Russia
30%XXXX4They are celebrated on 5/1 in Hawaii
30%RISES5What the 5-Down does in the east
30%ABC3Jackson 5 hit that topped the charts in 1970
30%ABC3Jackson 5 hit in the Grammy Hall of Fame
30%ENTHRONE8Make the leader, as in 5-Down
30%OPPOSED7Went against, in the Senate
30%YEA3Approving vote, in the Senate
30%NAY3Negative vote, in the Senate
30%ETHICS6Subject of a Senate committee with an interest in gifts
29%BATON5Item passed in a 5-Across 5-Down
29%DROZ4Physician who lost to John Fetterman in a 2022 Senate race
28%YEA3"Yes," in the senate
27%VIBE4With 5-Across, assessment of the feeling in the room
27%ELMO4In April 2002, he testified before the Senate for increased funding for music education
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How many answers for a #5 in continuous Senate longevity?
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