:-), 5 letters

Here you will find the answer to the :-) crossword clue with 5 letters that was last seen February 3 2020. The list below contains all the answers and solutions for ":-)" from the crosswords and other puzzles, sorted by rating.

90%EMOTICON8:-), for example
87%SMILE5Make this face :-)
77%EMOTICONS9;-) and :-(
71%OLD3___ age, stage of life where one relaxes in retirement (:-))
71%EMOTICON8>:O or :-)
70%CHILD5Daycare attendee, and one whose imagination runs wild (:-D)
66%WINKYFACE9This emoticon: ;-)
66%TRON4"___: Legacy" (sci-fi film)
66%CSI3"___: Cyber" (CBS spin-off)
66%CSI3"___ : Cyber" (CBS spin-off)
65%TODO4Well-___ (wealthy): Hyph.
64%TRON4"___: Legacy" (2010 sci-fi movie)
64%OSAGE5"August: ___ County" (Pulitzer-winning play)
64%LALA4Tra-___ (song syllables): Hyph.
64%TRS3___-80 (bygone PC): Abbr.
64%ROM3CD-___ (computer insert): Abbr.
64%TRS3___-80 (old computer): Abbr.
64%TRS3___-80 (RadioShack computer): Abbr.
64%TRS3___-80 (yesteryear computer): Abbr.
64%ADULT5One above 18 years of age, and whose life is filled with responsibilities (:-S)
63%ABOO4Peek-___ (hide and seek): Hyph.
63%NOU3___-turn (road sign): 2 wds.
63%SAG3___-AFTRA (creative labor union): Abbr.
63%ACOP4Rent-___ (hired security guard): Hyph.
63%ACOP4Rent-___ (private security guard): Hyph.
63%HDMI4___ cable (PC-TV connector): Abbr.
63%CIO3AFL-___ (federation of unions): Abbr.
62%AGING5Getting on in years, and a process that everyone in the world goes through (:-o)

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