Cigar, to a Freudian, 25 letters

Here you will find the answer to the Cigar, to a Freudian crossword clue with 25 letters that was last seen July 14 2023. The list below contains all the answers and solutions for "Cigar, to a Freudian" from the crosswords and other puzzles, sorted by rating.

100%{C/P}{I/E}{G/N}{A/I}{R/S}25Cigar, to a Freudian
71%COMPLEXES9Oedipus and castration, to a Freudian
69%PRINCIPLE9Word after reality or pleasure, to a Freudian
67%SUPEREGO8Moral component of one’s personality, to a Freudian
65%CATHEXIS8Investment of libidinal energy on someone or something, to a Freudian
51%OPE3Reveal, to a poet
51%MATEY5Pal, to a pirate
51%RUSE4Blind, to a duck
51%ARM3Twig, to a snowman
51%AYE3Yes, to a pirate
51%ISOLA5Capri, to a local
51%LOO3Bathroom, to a Londoner
51%SIDE4Fries, to a burger
51%TIN3Sn, to a chemist
51%SON3Prince, to a king
51%TRAM4Streetcar, to a Brit
51%NACL4Salt, to a chemist
51%IRON4Fe, to a chemist
51%MEAN4Average, to a statistician
51%DADA4Father, to a baby
51%LOO3Washroom, to a Brit
51%WEE3Miniscule, to a Scot
51%OER3Above, to a bard
51%AFT3Back, to a boatswain
51%MAMA4Mother, to a tot
51%WAWA4H2O, to a toddler
51%DASH4Smidge, to a chef
51%ENEMY5Villain, to a hero
51%PETROL6Gas, to a Brit
51%DISHY5Gorgeous, to a Brit
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How many answers for a Cigar, to a Freudian?
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