Hang ___ (do a surfing trick), 3 letters

Here you will find the answer to the Hang ___ (do a surfing trick) crossword clue with 3 letters that was last seen April 21 2024. The list below contains all the answers and solutions for "Hang ___ (do a surfing trick)" from the crosswords and other puzzles, sorted by rating.

100%TEN3Hang ___ (do a surfing trick)
49%POPSAWHEELIE12Does a bike trick
49%BEGS4Does a dog trick
49%SALE4Make a ___ (what a real estate agent tries to do)
48%ABUSE5___ of power (what a corrupt politician may do)
47%FAVOR5"Can you do me a ___?" (polite request)
47%FOAM4___ at the mouth (what a rabid animal might do)
46%ROLLEDOVER10Did a certain dog trick
46%STEAK5"___ puns are a rare medium well done" (dad joke)
46%LAP3Do a ___ around the room (mingle at a party)
46%ASS3Half-___ (do a lazy job of)
45%CLUNG5___ onto (held tightly, as a koala does to a tree)
45%HOC3Ad ___ (done for a specific purpose)
45%LOB3___ a softball (ask an easy question, as a journalist might do)
44%OWE3"What do I ___ you?" (question about a bill)
44%EASY4“So ___ a caveman can do it” (Geico ad campaign)
44%WERE4"___ Doing a Sequel" ("Muppets Most Wanted" song)
44%PROP4___ up (keep from toppling over, like a kickstand does for a bike)
44%PUN3"A steak ___ is a rare medium well done" (classic joke)
43%ORDIE5"It's a do-___ situation" (critical situation): 2 wds.
43%LOOM4Fruit of the ___ (company that in fact does not have a cornucopia in its logo)
43%TAP3"What beers do you have on ___?" (question to a bartender)
43%RARE4"___, medium, or well done?" (question at a steakhouse)
42%TADAS5“I just did a magic trick!” exclamations
42%TEN3Hang ___ (surfer's saying)
42%ANA3Get __ (do great on a test)
42%IDEA4"What a great ___!" ("Let's do this!")
42%MEAN4"What do you ___?" (question Jennifer Lawrence anxiously repeats in a meme)
42%ORDIE5"It's a do-___ situation" (desperate): 2 wds.
42%SPEC4Work on ___ (do freelance projects without a guarantee of payment)

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