Crossword Answer ADA

ADA - is a crossword puzzle answer. We found for you 136 different crossword puzzles that contains ADA answer. The list below order by crosswords date.

ADAOrthodontist's org.
ADAMathematician Lovelace
ADAThe teeth team: abbr.
ADAPoet Limon
ADAPioneering programmer Lovelace
ADAOrg. that cares about dental health
ADANabokov novel
ADAOklahoma city
ADAOrg. that recommends flossing
ADAProgrammer Lovelace
ADAActivist Deer
ADAOrganization that promotes healthy teeth and gums: Abbr.
ADAComputer algorithm mathematician Lovelace
ADADentists' organization that promotes clean and healthy smiles: Abbr.
ADA1969 Vladimir Nabokov novel
ADAOrg. on toothpaste tubes
ADAOral health organization: Abbr.
ADA___ Limón, first Latina U.S. poet laureate
ADADental care-promoting organization: Abbr.
ADALandmark civil rights law acronym
ADA___-compliant (accessible to people in wheelchairs, for example): Abbr.
ADAAnti-discrimination law with accessibility requirements: Abbr.
ADAPeriodontists' gp.
ADAToothpaste tube letters
ADAPoet laureate Limon
ADAOrganization that encourages brushing and flossing: Abbr.
ADA"The Hurting Kind" poet Limón
ADA"Sanctuary" poet Limon
ADAToothpaste-approving org.
ADAOral health org.
ADAPioneering computer coder Lovelace
ADALegal position in municipal govt.
ADAJunior prosecutor: Abbr.
ADACanine care org.?
ADAOrganization concerned with toothaches: Abbr.
ADAPoet laureate Limón
ADALovelace of early computer programming
ADAOrganization that promotes flossing and good oral hygiene: Abbr.
ADA"Give Kids a Smile" org.
ADAAbbr. on Crest
ADAProgramming language named after an early computing pioneer
ADATooth doctors' org.
ADAOrg. on a bottle of mouthwash
ADALimón who is the first Latina to be Poet Laureate of the United States
ADAAbbr. on toothpaste tubes
ADAAntidiscrimination measure of 1990, in brief
ADAOral hygiene-promoting organization: Abbr.
ADA“___ Twist, Scientist” (preschool TV series on Netflix)
ADAOral health group: Abbr.
ADAPalindromic Oklahoma city
ADAOral health organization letters
ADAUS Poet Laureate ___ Limón
ADA“Law & Order” job title, for short
ADA___ Lovelace Day (day celebrating women in STEM)
ADA___ Lovelace, computing genius
ADAGroup that gives its Seal of Acceptance to toothbrushes: Abbr.
ADAOral health group found on toothpastes: Abbr.
ADA___ "Bricktop" Smith (legendary vaudevillian)
ADAOrganization that regulates your toothpaste: Abbr.
ADAPalindromic programming language
ADAOklahoma city home to East Central University
ADAOral hygiene promoting organization: Abbr.
ADAProsecutor's aide: Abbr.
ADARoot canal organization: Abbr.
ADAResident Evil character ___ Wong
ADA___ Limon, first Latina Poet Laureate of the U.S.
ADAEnglish mathematician Lovelace
ADA___ Lovelace, computing pioneer
ADADentists' organization: Abbr.
ADA"__ Twist, Scientist": animated series based on a bestselling picture book
ADA"___ Twist, Scientist"
ADAToothpaste-approving group: Abbr.
ADAProgramming pioneer Lovelace with a language named after her
ADADental floss-promoting organization: Abbr.
ADAMeet Me @ The Altar drummer Juarez
ADAComputer programmer Lovelace
ADA___ Lovelace, programming pioneer with a palindromic name
ADA"Law & Order" junior prosecutor: Abbr.
ADALovelace of early computing
ADA___ Lovelace, English mathematician
ADALandmark legislation of 1990, familiarly
ADAGroup that ensures toothpaste quality: Abbr.
ADAInits. associated with accessibility
ADATooth fixers' organization: Abbr.
ADA___ Lovelace, mathematician and pioneering computer scientist
ADALaw ensuring accessibility (Abbr.)
ADAComputer pioneer Lovelace
ADA___ Lovelace of early computing
ADA"___ Twist, Scientist" (hit children's book)
ADA“Bleak House” ward ___ Clare
ADAMathemetician Lovelace
ADA"__ Twist, Scientist": kid-lit bestseller
ADAOrganization promoting oral health: Abbr.
ADA___ Lovelace who worked with Charles Babbage
ADAProgrammer ___ Lovelace who worked alongside Charles Babbage
ADACavity fillers' organization: Abbr.
ADAOral care org.
ADACavity-fighting org.
ADANarrator Lovelace of Jennifer Chiaverini's book "Enchantress of Numbers"
ADA“The Carrying” poet Limón
ADAOrg. whose Seal of Acceptance can be seen on some toothpaste tubes
ADATooth care organization: Abbr.
ADACanine care org.
ADACynthia Nixon's role on "The Gilded Age," a name reading the same forward and backward
ADADrag queen ___ Vox
ADAPeriodontists' organization: Abbr.
ADATitle for a lawyer who's junior to a chief prosecutor: Abbr.
ADAFloss-advocating organization: Abbr.
ADA___ Lovelace, mathematician often regarded as the first computer programmer
ADA___ Lovelace Day (annual celebration of women in STEM)
ADAOrganization for orthodontists: Abbr.
ADAComputing pioneer Lovelace
ADAAbbr. on floss
ADAPalindromic Oklahoma city with the Chickasaw Nation headquarters
ADACavity-filling organization: Abbr.
ADAOrg. that approves toothpastes
ADAPalindromic name found in "radar"
ADA___ Lovelace (early computer programmer)
ADAOrganization concerned with smiles?: Abbr.
ADA1990 law whose title II is enforced by the Dept. of HHS
ADA___ Lovelace, programming pioneer and Lord Byron's daughter
ADAToothy group: Abbr.
ADALady ___ Lovelace of early computing
ADAOrganization concerned with oral hygiene: Abbr.
ADATooth polishing organization: Abbr.
ADA"___ and the Engine" (Lauren Gunderson play about mathematician Lovelace)
ADAOral health care organization: Abbr.
ADAProgramming pioneer Lovelace
ADAMathematician who worked with Babbage, __ Lovelace
ADAProgramming language named after the Countess of Lovelace
ADA___ Lovelace, author of the first computer algorithm
ADABright Dead Things poet Limón
ADALandmark antidiscrimination law of 1990: abbr.
ADALetters on a toothpaste tube
ADAFloss-endorsing org.