Crosswords Clues Starts With (

On this page you can find a list of crosswords clues start with (, and sorted by alphabetical.

We found about 362 clues that starts with (
( ), for short
( and )
("Coyote ["?") Betty"]
("I don't [?") games]
("It's about [?")out]
("Purple [?")forest]
("Throw me a [?") china]
(1/10) "Grab some totes! We're going to the ___ to start our Christmas shopping!"
(1/10) "We'll decorate for Christmas over the next few days in DTC! Start by placing a ___ on the door!" (Yule garland)
(1/3) Start of a parent's warning that may come after one says 10a, 36a, 43a, 58a, 7d or 22d
(1/5) "Down the slopes we swiftly ___ (alpine activity). Graceful glides wild and free!..."
(1/5) "First, let us preheat the ___ to the desired temperature!"
(1/5) Let's read a book! Do you like fiction, fantasy or romance? Pick a ___
(1/5) Start of a New Year's Eve countdown...or the result of 100 divided by 20
(1/5) To make 19a, first add flour, ___ (dough riser), salt, water, and olive oil. Now knead to make a soft dough.
(1/5): Abundant element whose symbol is "H"
(1/6) "Let's create a Classic Crossword together. First, pick a ___ based on the ongoing events, holidays, etc."
(1/6) "Let's create a no-makeup look! Apply ___ (pore-blurring makeup base), foundation, and concealer to hide dark spots!"
(1/6) "Let's go cycling. Put on your comfortable attire, and don't forget to carry a ___ (head protector) for safety."
(1/6) "Let's go for a ___ (outdoor feast)"
(1/6) "Let's go on a ___ date and watch 'Dune: Part Two'!"
(1/6) As the sun was slowly setting over 221 ___ Street...
(1/6) Let's meditate. Find a quiet and comfortable ___.
(1/6) Metamorphosis of a butterfly begins with a small ___ laid under a leaf or stem of a plant
(1/7) "___ a year, during the crisp days of late November, families eagerly prepare for a special holiday."
(1/7) "Let's have a day out at the amusement ___!"
(1/7) "Let's make ___ (rabbit's favorite snack) cake."
(1/7) "Show off your coffee ___ (holders) by using them as a unique decorative piece!"
(1/7) ["It ___ One Night"] 1934 Academy Award-winning movie starring Clark Gable...or what may be the first sentence in a romantic story
(1/7) Let's paint a beautiful landscape, start with the blue, to paint the ___
(1/7) On Monday, he hit the lottery (rhymes with "Mon")
(1/8) "Let's make a burrito! Start by laying out the ___ (thin, circular flatbread)"
(1/8) Singalong to this Mariah Carey classic! "I don't want ___ for Christmas...": 2 wds.
(1/9) "In the realm of dreams, where imagination takes ___" (plane trip)
(10/10) "___ bless us, every one!"
(10/10) "Enjoy a ___ log as a treat for finishing all that Christmas shopping! More desserts are coming your way!"
(10/10) "Your ___ (abode) is now Christmas ready! Get ready fast! Santa's coming!"
(2/10) "Let's continue decorating by decking the halls with boughs of ___ "
(2/10) "Now, let's get the first item on the shopping list. It's not Christmas if you don't have an ___ on a shelf!"
(2/10) ...when the ghost of his old business partner ___ Marley appeared to him...
(2/3) Part of a parent's warning that may come after one says 10a, 36a, 43a, 58a, 7d and 22d
(2/5) "Now let us gently beat an ___ or two with a fork, these will make our dessert light and fluffy!"
(2/5) "Rolling on blades, off we ___ (navigate through ice), under the moonlight, we navigate!..."
(2/5) Now to getting the book, you could buy one or go to the ___ to borrow one off the shelf?
(2/5) Part of a New Year's Eve countdown...or 2+2 result
(2/5) Use a ___ pin (flattening tool) to spread the dough to make the crust of desired thickness.
(2/5): Duet number ... or number of atoms in 17a
(2/6) "Based on 16a, pick six or seven ___ (crossword fillers) and place them in 27a."
(2/6) "First, book the ___ either online or at the counter."
(2/6) "Next, curl your lashes and apply ___ (lash-lengthening coat). Now line your eyelids gently with either kajal or eyeliner"