Crosswords Clues Starts With A

On this page you can find a list of crosswords clues start with A, and sorted by alphabetical.

We found about 17161 clues that starts with A
A "full" one can be very revealing
A "golden" one is an especially good thing to follow
A "seasoned" skeptic may ask you to take things with a grain of this
A "thank you" from Kobe?
A "tragic period in our history," according to Putin
A "waking dream," per Aristotle
A 19-Across might end one
A 3.0 one is a B
A 60-trillionth of a minute, for short
A 62 Across occupation
A 99-Across
A __ and his money are easily parted
A __ in the right direction
A __ lens on a camera magnifies distant objects
A __ mill workers' union HQ is in Pennsylvania
A __ of sunshine is a bright, optimistic person
A __ pittance (very little money)
A __ saved is a __ earned" - Benjamin Franklin
A __ will always have an effect
A __, voices singing without musical accompaniment
A ___ "apple": 2 wds.
A ___ (deduced)
A ___ a dozen (not special)
A ___ a dozen (very common)
A ___ at the table
A ___ Called Quest
A ___ down memory lane
A ___ for sore eyes
A ___ formality (trivial)
A ___ in the machine
A ___ in the right direction
A ___ on the wrist (minor punishment)
A ___ pittance (paltry sum)
A ___ state of affairs (unfortunate circumstances)
A ___ technicality
A ___ worse than death
A ___, skip, and a jump
a and b, in "a + b = c"
A as in Austria
A baby lion
A baby one is called a red dog
A baby platypus hatches from one
A backward era?
A bacterium consists of just one
A bad __ never had a good sickle
A bad dancer has two left ones
A bad workman blames these
A bag that rhymes with moat
A baker's version has 13, not 12