Crosswords Clues Starts With 4

On this page you can find a list of crosswords clues start with 4, and sorted by alphabetical.

We found about 93 clues that starts with 4
4 on a date: Abbr.
4 to a dater
4'1'' hero of fantasy fiction films
4, for some holes on a golf course
4,480 square yards
4,840 square yards
4.0 for a high school student, e.g.: Abbr.
4.0 is a great one
4.0 is a perfect one: Abbr.
4.0 is as high as it goes: Abbr.
4.0 spoiler
4.0, for a student with straight A's: Abbr.
4.7 + 5.3
4.93 milliliters: Abbr.
4/15 addressee
4/7 of a %?
40 days of fasting before Easter for Catholics
40 days of fasting before Easter for Christians
40 Project Mercury trainees
401(k) alternative
401(k) alternative, for short
401(k) alternative: Abbr.
401(k) alternatives
401(k) alternatives named for a senator from Delaware
401(k) kin
401(k) relatives
401(k)-matching or free coffee in the break room, e.g.
401, in Rome
404 on the computer, e.g.
40-40, in tennis
40-Across + 42-Across = 43-Across
40-Across alternative, informally
40-Across forecast
40-Across, for example
40-Across, for one
40-day period of religious observance before Easter
40-day period that starts on Ash Wednesday
40-Down doc
40-Down for some roads
41 Across master
41st US president whose two middle initials stand for Herbert and Walker: 4 wds.
42 Down, notably
43 Across athlete
43 Down detector
43,560 square feet
43-Across in North Africa
43-Across's country
43-Down alternative
44th president
44th President of the United States