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Churchillian sign
Element whose name comes from the greek for "rainbow"
Phil’s twin on rugrats
Bum in edinburgh
"the breakfast ___" (1985 john hughes film)
Surfing records
I feel vindicate
_ monitor: prenatal device
"jurassic park" beast, in brief
Large ex%e2%80%93lake
Features like mandarin or vietnamese
Web designer
"jai guru ___, om" (song lyric from 1969)
Cooper v. harris majority opinion author kagan
"weightless" artist parks
Plant parts
Parts of a plant
Phone fillers
Black and white killer whale
Brings close to boiling
Area of a dinner table the host sits
Sad words to kids, _ school
Sounds like you're surprised to see males foretold
Olympus _, giant shield volcano on mars
_parentis, acting in place of a mother or father
Water bodies
Bodies of water
Guns engine
"please believe it's ___ when i tell you i love you" (lyric from a 1993 song)
Some woodwind instruments
Choir composition
Defer, with off
___ g ("tqg" musician)
Athletic event
Automaker citroen
Utter farewell to
Oxford's 2023 word of the year, defined as "style, charm, or attractiveness"
Agronomist or astronomer
Yes, in france
"i look so mysterious in this picture ..."
State touching deleware
Mission involving spirit
Set to disrupt the toupee industry, research on a newly discovered supplement has earned it the nickname ...
Band whose "end of the road" concert tour concluded on december 2023 in nyc
Comedian ___ vulcano of impractical jokers
Growing business
Princess who was the subject of "candle in the wind"
Modem name lead in
Spice girls smash hit