Crossword Answer KALE

KALE - is a crossword puzzle answer. We found for you 63 different crossword puzzles that contains KALE answer. The list below order by crosswords date.

KALEGreen smoothie veggie
KALEVegetable that's a letter off from an Ivy
KALELeafy vegetable in a green smoothie
KALEVegetable with a "dinosaur" variety
KALELeafy green used to make healthy chips
KALEVeggie in some green smoothies
KALECurly cabbage
KALELeafy green superfood
KALESpinach relative used in smoothies
KALESalad green that's "massaged"
KALEKin of collard greens
KALESalad ingredient with green or purple leaves
KALECrinkly-leafed cabbage
KALECurly cabbage cousin that has ornamental varieties
KALELeafy salad green
KALEHealthy chip leaf
KALEHardy salad green
KALELeafy vegetable that's eaten in chip form, often
KALEType of cabbage
KALELeafy superfood that comes in a "dinosaur" variety
KALECurly cabbage in some soups
KALEWhat Popeye might swap for spinach?
KALECabbage variety with dark, crinkly leaves
KALEVegetable baked for chips
KALELeafy green in zuppa toscana
KALELeafy green vegetable
KALELeafy cabbage
KALESalad green
KALELeafy smoothie ingredient
KALELeafy green in some smoothies
KALECollard greens kin
KALEVeggie that's sometimes massaged
KALEIron-rich leafy vegetable
KALECurly cabbage relative
KALECrinkly cabbage that may be found in a smoothie
KALEWrinkly cabbage-like veggie
KALEDark, leafy green
KALELeafy green vegetable with a "dinosaur" variety
KALECabbage cousin that can be purple and curly
KALELeafy green that may be sautéed
KALEDark, leafy green vegetable
KALECurly-leafed cabbage
KALEVegetable with a scaly "dinosaur" variety
KALECurly leafy green
KALECabbagelike vegetable
KALEIron-rich cabbage
KALECabbage-like green
KALELeafy green used to make chips
KALEGreen- or purple-leaved cabbage
KALEGreen juice staple
KALECurly vegetable in some vegan sandwiches
KALECurly smoothie leaf akin to spinach
KALERelative of wild cabbage
KALECurly cruciferous commodity
KALEWrinkly green vegetable
KALECurly cabbage type that might be "massaged" before eating
KALECurly green in a salad
KALECabbage's leafy kin
KALEHealthful chip option
KALEHealthy smoothie add-in
KALECurly, dark leafy green cabbage
KALEGreen-smoothie ingredient
KALEA leafy vegetable that rhymes with pale