Crossword Answer PITA

PITA - is a crossword puzzle answer. We found for you 53 different crossword puzzles that contains PITA answer. The list below order by crosswords date.

PITA___ chips
PITAFalafel holder
PITABread that souvlaki could be served in
PITAPocketed bread
PITAFluffy falafel bread that you'd find in a Middle Eastern bakery
PITARound flatbread
PITAFalafel bread
PITAHummus-holding bread
PITAFluffy falafel bread
PITAGyro wrapper
PITAHummus's companion
PITABread for a gyro
PITABread with a pocket
PITAThin bread
PITABread enjoyed with hummus
PITABread eaten with falafel, perhaps
PITABread sometimes served alongside keftédes
PITABread served with hummus
PITAMiddle-Eastern bread with hummus
PITA__ chips
PITAStuffable Middle Eastern bread
PITABread with tzatziki
PITABread for baba ghanouj
PITAMiddle Eastern bread with a pocket
PITABread with falafel
PITABread often served with souvlaki
PITAFood often cut into triangles
PITABaba ghanouj bread
PITAFlatbread with a pocket
PITAPocket picked at lunch?
PITAPocketed flatbread
PITAEdible pocket
PITABread with hummus
PITABread for a gyro sandwich
PITAFlatbread whose name is also an acronym for a nuisance
PITAMediterranean flatbread that is often paired with hummus
PITABread often served with hummus
PITAShawarma bread
PITABread that might be dipped into hummus
PITALeavened Levant staple
PITAPocket bread
PITABread served from a halal cart
PITAFlatbread for scooping hummus
PITAFalafel wrapper
PITAGreek sandwich bread
PITAPocket at a restaurant
PITAPart of a gyro
PITAGyro part
PITAStuffed pocket
PITAHummus' accompaniment, usually
PITABread product typically used with gyros
PITAStuffable stuff you can stuff yourself with
PITABread that's pocketed?