Crossword Answer TBSP

TBSP - is a crossword puzzle answer. We found for you 22 different crossword puzzles that contains TBSP answer. The list below order by crosswords date.

TBSPAbbreviation for a tablespoon in a recipe
TBSPAmount that's about 15 ml
TBSPBaking amt.
TBSPHalf a fluid ounce: Abbr.
TBSPAbout 15 ml.
TBSPKitchen qty.
TBSPLetters on kitchen cups
TBSPHalf of a fl. oz.
TBSPOz. half
TBSPRecipe amt.
TBSPRecipe abbr.
TBSP1/16 of a cup: Abbr.
TBSPCookbook meas.
TBSPSugar measure: Abbr.
TBSPCooking amount (Abbr.)
TBSPOlive oil measure in a recipe, for short
TBSPBaking meas.
TBSPHalf a fluid oz.
TBSPShortening used in cooking?
TBSPCommon baking-soda meas.
TBSPAmt. that's reduced by two-thirds when its second letter is removed
TBSPBaking-powder meas., often